Wishing you all a very happy ARMY DAY.

Indian Army, the second largest standing army in the world, celebrates Army day on 15 Jan every year. The day is a memorized to give recognition to India’s first commander in chief Field Marshal K M Cariappa‘after independence in 1947. Cariappa was handed over the reins of Indian army on 15Jan, 1949 after last British commander in chief Francis Butcher. Army celebrates this day by paying homage to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for making the whole nation secure and comfortable. In the year 2018, India is celebrating its 70th Army day in the leadership of General Bipin Rawat .

For our peace, these heroes not only live far from their homes and loved ones but also don't hesitate to sacrifice their lives. Their passion and courage have created numerous stories which are larger than life. In this edition, we are going to share the stories of such brave hearts. We bet not only you will feel proud of them but no one can stop your eyes from getting moist. Our Army men don't care about scorching heat and cold temperatures and continuously remain devoted, awake and brave towards their duty to serve the nation and the citizens. It can be said they are made up of steel that can resist any adverse condition.

There are countless bravery stories created by our Indian Army but in this edition, we are presenting a few of those endless counts.

# Captain Vikram Batra

Captain Vikram Batra served 13 J&K rifles and was the hero of Kargil war. At that time Captain Batra was leading one of the toughest war operations in J&K and an intercepted message from Pakistan army suggest that even Pakistani soldiers were calling him "SHER SHAH" after witnessing Captain Batra's bravery.

The mission of capturing peak 4875 is said to be one of the toughest mission in the history of Indian Army as Pakistani forces were placed at the height of 16,000 feet above the ground and the Indian soldiers have to reach the top of the peak 4875 with a climb gradient of 80 degrees. While Captain Batra's team was moving upward against the heavy shelling from top based Pakistani soldiers one of the Indian soldiers got severely injured. Batra came forward and save his fellow life and when a subedar tried to help him out Batra instructed him to step aside saying " You have children, let me do". During this mission, Batra not only captured the peak 4875 but also saved many of his fellow's life. The last words from Captain Batra were simply " Jai Mata Di". Captain Batra was honoured with Param Vir chakra the highest military decoration award.

 “Either I will come back after hoisting the tricolour (Indian flag), or I will come back wrapped in it, but I will be back for sure.” - Captain Batra.

# Major General Ian Cardozo

Major Gen Ian Cardozo is one of the heroes of India-Pak 1971 war, his immense bravery will always be remembered not only in India but Pakistan also. At the time of the war, he was serving as a major to 5 Gorkha Rifles. Ian Cardozo severely injured his leg after stepping into a landmine placed by enemies.
Ian Cardozo cut his leg by a Khukri (Gorkha Rifles knife) when saw that even doctor was afraid of cutting his leg. As per Cardozo, he himself cut his leg to save his life but the reason of loving life so much at that point was to fulfil his intention of continuing the fight against the enemy.
Even after the end of the war, Cardozo served his country just because of sheer willpower and determination. He became the first disabled officer of the Indian Army commanding a brigade and an infantry battalion. He never compromised with his disability and surpassed many fit officers in physical tests.

 # Havildar Hangpan Dada

Havildar Hangman Dada of the Assam Regiment, winner of the Ashok chakra, single-handedly killed three militants at the height of 13000 feet in icy and harsh Himalayan range of north Kashmir. After spotting the movement of three terrorists, he first blocked their route of escape and then fought with them, killing three on the spot. He was badly injured during the process but continued in pursuit and contributed to spotting and killing the fourth militant. Later he made a supreme sacrifice of his life in this whole operation.


Narendar Singh.


  1. We salute Indian Army... JAI HIND

  2. We salute Indian Army... JAI HIND

  3. Saluting the real heroes...... Whose sacrifices made them true legends ...jai hind .
    I really appreciate your blog brother
    @ Narendar Singh

  4. Thank u all.. need urs never ending support by sharing all this to the max..lets work in order to make India n the world the best place for every one😀

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