FASTags mandatory by 15th Feb2021.

In order to create a non-stop movement for the drivers while crossing toll plazas FASTag an electronic toll connection device is getting introduced in coming times.
This is being planned by the Indian Government in order to sort out traffic problems in national highways along with promoting digital payments at the toll plazas

In a short span of time, all the lanes at the toll plaza will be converted into FASTag lanes and as a provision double the toll fees will be charged from the vehicles who are not equipped with FASTag or electronic toll collection. As per info from the road ministry, all the lanes in the toll plaza will be declared as FASTag lane by 15th Feb2021.

Fastag can be defined as an electronic toll connection device equipped in the vehicles to facilitate drivers to race through toll plazas without any stoppage. This can be considered as the government's larger plan in order to decongest national highways and to promote digital payments at the toll plazas.

This circular is yet not public and further said to monitor the movement of oversized vehicles, there is a provision of a Hybrid lane in every toll plaza which will be servicing both FASTag and rest payment modes. But in the future, this Hybrid lane will also be converted to a FASTag lane within a specific time period.

FASTtag uses radio frequency identification i.e RFID and gets fitted in the windscreen of the vehicles to facilitate the driver for direct toll payments while the vehicle is in moving state. In this process, the charge is deducted from the bank account linked to the FASTag.

At present, there is a provision of double charge on the vehicles that enter a FASTag lane without having RFID under the National Highways Fee Rules, 2008. The Government is serious this time and had said the imposition of higher toll fee must be followed strictly when a non-FASTag vehicle enters the FASTag lane.

As per the circular addressing the National Highways Authority of India, all the obstacles in the implementation of FASTag should be identified and resolved soon. Also, the availability of an adequate number of FASTags should be there in order to boost non-stop experience and cashless payments at all the toll plazas in India.

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